Saturday, October 8, 2011

fresh from the closet =)

this is another entry for the Cirque Couture which wasn't included to the choices of the final sketches..
Mermadress, inspired from the image of a mermaid i tried to make something casual out of the mermaid idea, of course there is already the "fishtail gown" so as i was experimenting over and over regards to the inspiration, mermaid, i ended up having this design.
this is a high-waisted one piece suit with wide legged pants or they would rather called it "the square pants".

transforming the full bodied denim jumper, i create the 2piece version of the jumper suit.
(mens version will be on the next post)

someday i will design mens polo with some doodles aligning horizontally or vertically...on sleeves and in other parts...

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