Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lil business man I am

i have been thinking lately and deeply,
about continuing to make my dream come true....
i want to make the red and zebra print blazer as soon
as possible, i had my design approved, followed by the costing
or the expenses and now all i need is myself, just make sure that
i am ready to do this! if it sell then i'd make another one....if not
then, i'd just have to wait or advertise more so to make it sell!

i'm also making schedules of my trip to Divisoria in this upcoming weekends
so as to buy all i need and to talk with the designer who will sew the blazer...

may everything be okay and successful!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

finally! the sketch =)

This is the sketch of the costume that is being worn by my classmate on the fashion couture just held last september 2011..
finally! i have it back.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

fresh from the closet =)

this is another entry for the Cirque Couture which wasn't included to the choices of the final sketches..
Mermadress, inspired from the image of a mermaid i tried to make something casual out of the mermaid idea, of course there is already the "fishtail gown" so as i was experimenting over and over regards to the inspiration, mermaid, i ended up having this design.
this is a high-waisted one piece suit with wide legged pants or they would rather called it "the square pants".

transforming the full bodied denim jumper, i create the 2piece version of the jumper suit.
(mens version will be on the next post)

someday i will design mens polo with some doodles aligning horizontally or vertically...on sleeves and in other parts...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red and Zebra print =)

weeks before the fashion couture i was wondering about when i was looking for the
green and violet striped fabric(GVstripes)around Divisoria in owners
kept on showing me some fabrics which is not relevant to what i was looking for.
one of these fabrics were the zebra print..

this is a blazer with the combinations of red and the black and white zebra print.

on my next post i will show my partner's designs for the fashion couture.

hands and imagination at work

these are my four entries to the Cirque Couture fashion show which is only one of these has been
picked by people's choice of color and relevance to the show's theme, CIRCUS!

GVstripes, these is actually what i wanted to be made but because of the fabric which i cannot find
in any stores around manila, this design has been dismissed! aww so sad.
pants n' bolero
combination of matador suit and a lion tamer! with a lil twist.
this design is inspired from the queen of hearts in walt disney's animated movie Alice In WonderLand. only that it looks heavy to wear?

Friday, September 30, 2011

The happening at our college's Cirque Couture

this is a new post that will start my career in designing clothes.
in this post i have a picture of myself with my model wearing my designed
outfit for the said event, it is my first time to get my hands on a real fashion show
and even though this night we didn't won the contest it doesn't mean that
we're going stop at that point but that point is just the beginning!